News from Syrdarya


The partnership relations between Uzbekistan and Korea are extensive and strategic partnership relations are reaching a high level. These relationships, which serve to the rise of the global prestige of the national interests of our countries, are developing on the basis of friendship, solidarity based cooperation. Recently South Korean delegation representatives visited our region and held talks on bilateral cooperation.
Initially, "NCG Engineering" brief information about the activities of the company. Although this company establish was only five years old, it has gained the reputation of world-class businessmen operating in the fields of sales, services, machinery. Today, the company is engaged in the processing of ferrous metal, cement production and lime calcination. It plans to build a large cement plant in several regions of the country and launch a waste processing plant. At the same time, the main purpose is to establish industrial enterprises producing large-scale products at the expense of direct foreign investments in the Syrdarya region and to export the produced products.
During the negotiations, the governor of the region said that currently 4 enterprises are in collaboration with the Republic of Korea, mainly in the textile, logistics, construction and agricultural sectors. For this purpose, all conditions for foreign investors were created in our country.
Also, during the meeting, a presentation on the investment potential of the Syrdarya region was held on the benefits and preferences created in the region to attract direct foreign investments.