Meeting about medicine in Syrdarya


Free economic zones have been created in our country for the purpose of sustainable economic development.

It is important to note that in these free economic zones, all kinds of favorable conditions, privileges and a number of preferences have been created not only for local businessmen, but also for foreign investors.

Let's continue with the opportunities created for foreign businessmen in Syrdarya free economic zone.

During the import of new technologies in the region, customs preferences were created for foreign investors. And this attractiveness has prompted South Korean partners to introduce new projects.

In particular, industrial, recycling, pharmaceutical and agricultural projects are being implemented in the region. Especially, cooperation in the field of medicine is beneficial for both sides.

During the event, which was held in the Syrdarya regional khokimiyat (administration), South Korean partners exchanged views and ideas on the implementation of these and other projects in the region's economy. A presentation of a number of projects was also held at the event.

“First of all, it is worthwhile to note the extensive reforms undertaken in Uzbekistan on the initiative of the head of your country. In particular, Uzbekistan is strengthening economic and social cooperation not only with neighboring countries, but also with Europe and Asia. South Korea is interested in investing in Uzbekistan, particularly in Syrdarya region. In the near future, we will put into operation the production capacities of the most advanced modern technologies. There is no doubt that it is beneficial for both countries. Taking this opportunity, I would like to admit that our current bilateral negotiations were based on openness and transparency and were beneficial to both sides. Our meeting was very friendly.”

"These negotiations were mainly focused on the production of medical equipment.  As a result, 10,000 jobs will be created. The main purpose of the project is employment of young people in Yangiyer town of Hovos district and Boyovut district "


For information, Implementation of planned projects in the free economic zone on the area of 200 hectares in the territory of Navbahor water consumers in Boyovut district of Syrdarya region will create the basis for the construction of about 100 enterprises and organizations in various fields.